News: Join the 1v1 casual league

On the main Discord server we are now hosting a casual 1v1 league with quarterly season resets and prize raffle for 1000 gems. All you have to do is play a series of 4 games against someone else in the server to be included in the league. Only your 5 most recent matches count towards the league. Good luck!

News: Check out these new Friends of Risk features

There are a lot of new features coming to Friends of Risk, and some are already available to try out.

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News: Showcase your merits with badges

By logging in to the Friends of Risk website and linking your profile to your Sabr Ranking Player, you will now be awarded badges for various achivements. By clicking on the badges you can see what other players holds them. If you have any questions, reach out to eirik on Discord.

Most active streamers last 30 days
JJBruh_85 hours
AKASpudTopped71 hours
Kill Pete Strategy56 hours
leechalittle51 hours
opentanyao48 hours
LinaKitty6942 hours
HudsonHornet25040 hours
speedsterino39 hours
hotbunz37 hours
Zedono35 hours
Most watched streamers last 30 days
Kill Pete Strategy8340 hours
JJBruh_4294 hours
AKASpudTopped2398 hours
Kylted1814 hours
speedsterino1497 hours
leechalittle1165 hours
hotbunz1063 hours
riskgmolivexc897 hours
vampirechicken868 hours
opentanyao851 hours
Most YouTube views last 30 days
The Kill Pete Strategy1071262 views
CG Plays766151 views
Kylted397565 views
More CG Plays357447 views
FreePete336231 views
Kylted Gaming169733 views
vampirechicken146266 views
Risk4Ever97755 views
OliveXC69721 views
Robo Risk57351 views
Most active ffa players last 6 months
Silent Legend19 events
Arco19 events
Pete17 events
Sir Tyler16 events
IamRugster16 events
IamMomba16 events
Xerokee16 events
general elitar 105416 events
Truth Powers15 events
theAPESflynPOO15 events
Most days as ffa sabr rank #1
UnderTheGun310 days
Tim188 days
Arco168 days
Fanti1382 days
Kylted21 days
Pete18 days
sabr55510 days
Current top 10 ffa sabr rank
Lina Kitty#4
Jax Wylde#5
Silent Legend#9
Truth Powers#10
Most active 1v1 players last 6 months
Arco16 events
3irc13 events
Silent Legend13 events
Pentix12 events
REMOVED_PLAYER_0112 events
Sterling Fortune 2712 events
general elitar 105412 events
Xerokee12 events
Drizz10 events
HudsonHornet25010 events
Most days as 1v1 sabr rank #1
Jadon331 days
OliveXC244 days
Sterling Fortune 27100 days
Xerip78 days
Current top 10 1v1 sabr rank
Sterling Fortune 27#1
General Bail 8235#5
Silent Legend#10